Grandad has a new idea!




EasyLock – The lightweight, easy to install, super strong temporary door lock

The answer for hotel rooms, B&Bs, rented accommodation, students, solo travellers or the elderly. Secure in seconds. The strength of stainless steel.

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 My thoughts were with my grandchildren when I designed The EasyLock. One day they’ll be off travelling the world, and I wanted to create a solution that would keep them 100% safe & sound, no matter where they stayed. My thinking in creating the lock developed into wanting to provide all others that may find themselves in a vulnerable position with complete security… whether a student in cheap lodgings, an isolated elderly person who fears living alone, or simply you or I when we stay in a B&B or hotel…

I talked to manufacturers about the possibility of designing a lock that could have the strength of steel with the lightness of plastic whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • It needed to be simple – easy to install and remove in seconds
  • It needed to be practical – to allow the user to maintain security whilst opening the door to confirm visitors
  • It needed to be strong – unbreakable but lightweight
  • It needed to be inexpensive – to allow it to be available to all


I feel that we have fulfilled all of my criteria. We now have developed a lock that we believe is the World’s lightest and most practical temporary door lock. That will give you security and privacy and is small enough to be carried with you anywhere.

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