On yer bike!!!!



Here is a product you may like to stock/promote to the cyclists you meet.

HIPLOK v1.50

The original Hiplok – a tough sold secure rated chain lock with patent pending belt like fastening which allows the rider to adjust the lock to fit around the waist without locking it to them. Provides a unique combination of security and portability. 8mm hardened steel chain with 12mm hardened steel shackle and tough nylon padlock shroud. Different colours and reflective versions available. www.hiplok.com



New sold secure rated D Lock designed to combine security with portability. Unique integrated clip system and slim profile allows for ease of carrying on belts and bag straps as well as in pockets. 13mm hardened steel shackle, hardened steel body casing, tough ny lon outer shell. Available in four colourways. www.hiplok.com


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