Where’s yer bin?


KitLock cabinet locks chosen to secure iBin parcel delivery boxes 


Newbury, Berkshire, 9 June 2014  – iBin Innovations Ltd has selected KitLock 1000 cabinet locks to secure its range of parcel delivery boxes. iBins provide a convenient and safe place for couriers to leave home delivered goods when there’s nobody at home to sign for them.


“While Internet shopping itself is convenient because you can browse and compare products from the comfort of your own home, waiting in for the delivery isn’t,” explains Andrew Burton, owner of iBin Innovations Ltd. “How many times have you missed a parcel and had to rearrange another delivery or travel to the courier’s depot to collect it? iBins overcome these issues and make the delivery process much more convenient for everyone.”


The code to open the iBin is added to the ‘special delivery instructions’ or ‘other information’ box during the checkout process. When the delivery is made, the courier opens the iBin using the code and places the item inside. A label with a unique number is fixed to the underside of each iBin lid. The courier simply enters the number as proof of delivery. When the lid is closed and the lock handle returned to the original position, the iBin is once again secure.


KitLock 1000 is a durable, battery-operated digital lock designed specifically for securing cabinets and lockers without the hassle of using keys. Instead, access is gained by entering a four-digit code on the keypad.


“We loved the simplicity of programming a KitLock. The lock can hold up to four different access codes so that customers can apply different codes to different websites or couriers. Using a master code, customers can easily change their access codes on a regular basis,” said Andrew. “Also, KitLock will flash a red LED light if the batteries get low. It has an override facility should a customer ignore the low battery warning and let it run down completely!”


Andrew added, “The decision to use KitLock to secure iBins has been fundamental to the success of the product. Customers have been very complimentary about the locks, in fact I’ve not had any negative feedback at all.”


For more information on KitLock keyless locks or to place an order please call Codelocks on +44 (0) 1635 239645, or email sales@kitlock.com






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