Do you need a sales edge?

WITH many people taking breaks over weekends and the summer holidays fast approaching maybe you need to think ahead. WHAT DO MY CUSTOMERS NEED?

No business can afford to stand still, look at any market leader, Coca Cola= new drink flavours, ASDA and Tesco = reduced prices, So why in the security industry do we moan and minge about lack of trade rather than go get it?

Many people now take weekend breaks and head for their holiday homes, or caravan away – so it is pretty obvious when these people have gone and how often. The risk of burglary is a perceived risk – we all know of someone that has been burgled. Reader of the LASM may remember two years or so ago I was woken by my then puppy going ballistic as a turd tried to climb through the open top kitchen window.

When your away this can sadly leave our gadget packed properties open to some unwanted attention. The fear of being ‘done over’ can be in some small way reduced by fitting ‘comforting devices’

Adapt and use articles like this to submit a ‘feature’ to your local papers for consideration. It does work – AMHIKS.

So what would make a customer feel relaxed while they sip their pims?

For instance
Samsung have just released their new home security device called the SmartCam.


This little spy in your house hooks up to your Wi-Fi and allows you to keep an eye on your pad when you’re not around, via your smartphone. Out of the box set-up is fairly easy and you’ll be live streaming your living room in less than ten minutes. Then, when you’re out and about, you simply launch the app to get footage of your (hopefully) empty house, streamed in HD to any Android and Apple device. There’s some neat features on the SmartCam including sound and movement detectors. Then, using the app, you can snap a shot of the crafty crook to show to your local constabulary. And don’t worry if this happens in the early hours, as the SmartCam has a night vision mode which produces a decent image  in the dark.

The SmartCam can be set for different levels of sensitivity of noise and movement.



Of course we also have Alert Pal a more sophisticated device in that it has a sim card and will send you a picture once activated, it can take a series of five

The Alert Pal is a GSM Alarm with built-in Camera, PIR movement sensor and infrared light so it can work in the dark. Because it’s a GSM Alarm it doesn’t need a phone line and there are no monthly fees to pay. The Alert Pal takes up to 5 pictures and sends them to you as one MMS or SMS text message if an intruder is detected in your property. You can also call the Alert Pal from your mobile phone to listen in to what is happening or send it a text message to get the camera alarm to take a picture and send it to you as an MMS. This clever solution has many uses as a house alarm, office alarm, holiday home alarm, boat alarm, caravan alarm or shed alarm. It contains a number of sensors that can be attached to doors or windows and the stylish remote controls that are included allow simple one-button activation. By adding the 12V conversion kit the Alert Pal Standard can be powered from a 12V Car Battery or Marine Battery making it work for many months without mains electricity.


Features: 1. Quick & easy to set up, just a few simple SMS commands;

2. Works in the dark by using built-in infrared lights. Instant SMS/MMS (text/images) to your mobile phone when an intruder is detected in your home, shed, garage, boat or caravan;
3. Sends 5 images at the cost of only one MMS message giving you more information. Can be used anywhere in Europe;
4. Can support one master number and up to 10 additional users;
5. Requires no installation apart from screwing a bracket to a wall;
6. Arm/Disarm easily with a Remote Control Keyfob or send an SMS;
7. Request an image from the camera at anytime by sending an SMS;
8. SMS sent if power is lost or restored;
9. Works with any mobile phone – no Smartphone needed.

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