A smaller, recodable combination locking bolt CombiBolt3™ has been introduced by security specialist Henry Squire & Sons Ltd for indoor and outdoor use.
The robust, patented CombiBolt3™ features a steel locking bolt with a die-cast body and offers 1,000 recodable options with three combination wheels, as well as high pick resistance.

Simple to use and install, the advantage of Squire’s CombiBolt3™ is there are no keys to lose or misplace.
For convenience and added security, it comes with a new recoding screw, which has to be removed before the recoding process to prevent accidental recoding.

Available in two finishes – in durable black or satin chrome – CombiBolt3™ is ideal for sheds, cupboards, storage areas, cabinets and lockers.

The solid construction of the lock means it can withstand harsh outdoor environments.  It is part of Squire’s CombiBolt family, which also includes the larger CombiBolt2™.

A new counter-top merchandiser is also available for CombiBolt3™ along with Squire’s new KeyBolt, a key operated locking bolt which replaces the need for a hasp and staple.Squire-CombiBolt3.chrome.bl

For more information, contact Henry Squire & Sons Ltd on 01902 308050, visit www.squirelocks.co.uk or email info@henry-squire.co.uk.

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