Sheffield man jailed over girl’s fall

This is a timely reminder to all Locksmiths – you also have a duty to make sure your work is up to standard and that you never leave a job insecure – leave tools where a child can get them, a window lock is badly fitted etc etc – in case a child gets out or worse…..

A maintenance worker has been jailed over the death of a girl who fell 60ft (18m) from a balcony in Sheffield.

Robert Warner, 45, was convicted of the manslaughter of two-year-old Ryaheen Banimuslem who died after the fall.

Ryaheen fell through a gap in a glass barrier in June 2012 after Warner removed a panel and did not replace it.

Warner, of Shiregreen, Sheffield, was found guilty at the city’s Crown Court of manslaughter by gross negligence and jailed for four years.

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