All singing and Dancing key machine

Rockley & Son Ltd.

Rockley & Son Ltd. are the UK Importers of the revolutionary 3D Pro Xtreme Key Machine.

The 3D Pro Xtreme Key Machine is the most advanced key machine in the market.
Designed and manufactured in the USA by Laser Key Products.

The 3D Pro Xtreme Key Machine offers you the ability to cut Domestic, Automotive, Laser, Dimple, Tubular and Tibbe keys, to copy and to code all in one machine.

Each 3D Pro Xtreme is packed with the following features:

  • 240V Hi Torque cutting motors – The fastest cuts
  • Direct drive motors to all 3 axis – The most  accurate cuts.
  • Cuts edge cut keys with traditional key blade – The best looking cuts
  • Cuts the largest key range of any machine – The most cuts.
  • 4 Way, Laser, Dimple & VW Jaws all mounted on the machine – The easiest cuts.
  • Solid Aluminium Machine and Jaws – The best quality cuts.
  • Market beating pricing – The best value cuts.

The quality of the keys cut with his machine are the equal of any of the European machines and far excede those of the Far Eastern machines

Why pay more for a lesser machine?

When you buy from Rockley & Son you get the following FREE FOR LIFE. **Worldwide Exclusive**

  • Key Updates – We will add new keys as soon as they are released.
    If the key you want to cut is not shown in your software we will add it.
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support – If you have a problem or query you can talk to us at any time.
  • Lifetime Labour Warranty – If your machine develops a fault we will fix it free.
    (Parts are chargeable after the first 12 months)
  • Key Cutting and Machine training – We will train you on the use of your machine and key cutting.
    Take as much time as you need and come back as often as you like.
  • Unique key database with lifetime updates.
    This is a UK specific database and not available elsewhere.

Technical Specification.

USB Connection to PC
Power: 240v  – Can be powered by 1000W Inverter.
Dimensions: 21cm x 43cm x 35cm (8” x 16.75” x 13.5”)
Weight. 25Kg
Lifetime Labour Warranty
1 Year Parts Warranty

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