Free tooling for start up packages from Abus

ABUS Make Free Tooling Available with Specification Cylinder Packages


If you’ve ever considered  becoming involved in restricted sections, now’s the perfect opportunity because ABUS is offering free tooling worth over £600 on two cylinder start-up packages.

The tooling is required on ABUS’ specification suites as the keys have a unique curved profile that immediately prohibits and prevents even the most sophisticated key cutting machine making unauthorised copy keys.  With the tooling now provided free by ABUS professional lock suppliers have the means to cut their own ABUS unique profile keys, ensuring lucrative spare key cutting is restricted exclusively to the professional distributor who provided the lock.

These restricted sections are available either as shared or unique profiles against qualifying order commitments on either Y or Y-Deltus ABUS patented specification suites.

An ABUS shared section (unique within a radius of 25 miles) is available with a £2,500 commitment, while a unique (within the UK) section is available with a £10,000 commitment.  From the comprehensive ABUS range of specification cylinders and padlocks locksmiths can create a bespoke package tailored to their individual needs.

ABUS then provides individual jaws for the Silica Unicode, specialist tools and components.  Together this total kit provides lock specialists with everything necessary to develop lucrative security sales, with the added safeguard of selling a system that secures worldwide architectural icons such as the Burj Arab Hotel in Dubai.

This free tooling offer is available with 2 unique and very special ABUS sections:

The Y Deltus curved key system has the added benefits of being fully patented to 2030, with its unlimited trademark and technical copy protection, its interior multidimensional key stopper function, and its sophisticated Deltus features.

The ABUS Y curved key system is patented to 2020, offering effective picking resistance, copy protection and higher stability.

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