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ALEX – Stand no 14 – Advanced Keys Limited

Official UK & Ireland distributor of KeyDIY remote generating system.

.Q. How does the KeyDIY system reduce my stock?

.           A. Currently you would need to stock a wide variety of remotes to cover even just the popular vehicles. With the KeyDIY system there is no need to stock so many remotes. You create the remote you require when the demand exists. No more out of stock / forgot to reorder scenarios. No more stock gathering dust. No more keeping an unpopular remote ‘just in case’.  No more ‘Stock dried up’ & Backorders become a thing of the past.

Q. How does the cost of an KeyDIY remote compare to current remotes?

.           A. Significant savings can be found against the remotes in the current market place. Also many remotes that can be created are currently only sourced via a main agent, this is where the greatest savings are found..

Q. The KeyDIY remotes look physically different to the original style of remote, will my customers question this?

.           A. The KeyDIY remote is a high quality remote key with the convenience of a folding blade. In many cases the remote is better than the original remote and our experience has been that the customer is happy with a Quality key at a great saving..

Q. How long does it take to produce a remote?

.           A. It takes literally seconds to produce the required remote. .

Q. What else is required?

.           A. You will need to fit and cut a blade, and insert the correct transponder applicable for the vehicle. We supply a range of blades & transponders to suit..

Q. Do the remotes need programming to the vehicle?

.           A. Yes, the KeyDIY system creates the ‘Part’ as per original. Programming to the vehicle would still be required in the normal manner as if you had a dealer or copy remote..

Q. Does the KeyDIY software run on any laptop or PC?

.           A. Currently the software runs with Windows XP (service pack 3), Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8..

Q. How can I find out more or Purchase the KeyDIY system?

.           A. Simply select what you require from our online shop (or give us a call). Please remember we will only  supply to established businesses who have key programming equipment.

Come and see us – we will be demonstrating the KeyDIY KD200 remote generating system and will have special offers on other tools and keys/transponders that are ordered on the day.     –

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