Welcome to our second ‘proper’ online edition – if you have subscribed there is a lot to see beyond your password.

Subscriptions continue at a good rate and if you have not yet signed up, now is a good time, especially with the 50/50 offer from UAP/Tradelocks. The PLF has been resonating with threads of a technical as well as ‘I’m not sure I agree with…..’ a good read and many useful comments. www.plf-uk.info

As Editor I am always looking for new ideas, features you would like, people to write about their special skills, interesting photo’s of jobs you did or are going to do, stripped down locks and any other useful information. Don’t forget it’s what you do everyday but some readers may never have come across it before.

The Auto Expo in October has booked really well and you can register on-line at www.alexpo.co.uk – there is a list of exhibitors on the website and if you know of anymore please drop me an e-mail.

The weather has been terrible of late and it’s not set to change how do you cope on a day to day basis? Tell us about is – Me? I stay indoors and look out of the window.

The May printed edition should be a good read I have several new articles in preparation. Subscribe to be sure of your copy

Any comments editor@lasm.co.uk


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