Lisa Richardson, brand manager at Kasp Security, explains why garden security is paramount.

As the clocks changed, signalling the start of British Summer Time, many are making the most of lighter evenings, spending quality time in the garden. Outdoor living doesn’t come cheap however, with the contents of a garden shed worth an average of £670-£1,200 ,housing everything from expensive lawnmowers and gardening tools to bicycles and sports equipment, with some even home to TVs and fridge freezers.

With such a gold mine sat at the foot of the garden it’s hardly surprising that sheds are becoming such a popular target for opportunist thieves. According to recent research burglaries from garden sheds and conservatories can increase by 25% when the clocks change for British Summer Time .

Police have also issued warnings to households after a significant rise in garden shed break-ins, which is impacting on the number of house burglaries, as tools from sheds are being used to break into homes. However, despite warnings 49% of homeowners have admitted they fail to lock their garden sheds .

These shocking figures highlight a very real need for durable security products to deter opportunist thieves. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure, a thesis mobile locksmiths could vastly benefit from.

Highlighting these statistics to customers will not only help them to adequately protect their property but it will impact positively on locksmiths’ bottom line, generating incremental sales.

Independent research into consumers’ attitudes and behaviour to security revealed that consumers have little understanding of security products such as padlocks, hasps and alarms. Without this understanding consumers rely on locksmiths to fill this void. Product awareness is imperative to both educate the consumer and to drive sales. The more knowledgeable locksmiths are about a line of products the more effective they will be in selling it.

When it comes to padlocks for example, mobile locksmiths should be aware of basic product information such as features and benefits, recommended applications and differences in locking mechanisms. Although all padlocks may appear fairly similar to the uneducated eye, locksmiths will know there are vast differences in their capabilities and applications, and these should be explained to the customer so that they can make an informed purchase.

Kasp offers an extensive range of award-winning, durable security solutions, all designed to deter opportunist thieves.

Ideal for protecting garden sheds and gates, the robust Kasp 130 Series Laminated Steel Padlocks feature a hardened steel shackle for extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks, whilst a double bolted locking mechanism offers additional strength to resist torsion and pull attacks. A paracentric keyway and 5-pin cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins safeguard against picking and manipulation, combining the latest lock technology with a traditional style for guaranteed peace of mind.

For additional protection, team the Kasp 130 Series with the Kasp 230 Series Universal Hasp and Staple. Tough and robust in construction, the Kasp 230 Series is manufactured from heavy guage steel with anti corrosion properties. Featuring a hardened steel staple and concealed hinge pin, the Kasp 230 Series protects against the most brutal attack methods, keeping gates, garden sheds and also vehicles safe and secure.

For added convenience, Kasp also offers the K130 Series as keyed-alike, meaning a garden shed and garden gate padlocked with the K130s can be opened with the same key – benefits mobile locksmiths can sell to their own customers.

In addition, Kasp offers a comprehensive range of easy to install, wireless alarms, which are triggered by the detection of movement and are ideal for the home, garden shed, garage and even vehicles. Each offers an ultra loud alarm (90 dB – 130 dB), which attracts immediate attention, requires no mains power and is portable for added convenience.

In further support of its mobile locksmiths Kasp also provides top tips on how to secure your home and property simply and effectively on its website, Mobile locksmiths can direct their customers to the site where they will find an array of useful information about differing levels of security and advice on the correct Kasp product for each area of the home and garden.

Although there’s never a guarantee that your customers’ gardens will not be the target of the staggering number of thefts annually, there are measures they can take to deter them. A simple awareness of garden security and an investment in high quality, trustworthy locks can ensure that homeowners can enjoy the summer months and mobile locksmiths can enjoy an increase in sales.

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