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The following text is attributed to Jay Skowron:

[quote]To the general public, a locksmith is more than a fix it person; more than any other contractor. People depend upon locksmiths to give them safety and a sense of security. When you move into a new home you contract a locksmith to re-key all of your door locks. Now, you’re not just asking this locksmith to fix something: You are entrusting him with the safety of your entire world, your family. That is a lot for anyone to be asked. You can count on locksmiths to be there whenever you call. If you or a family member locks their keys in their car and calls a locksmith to get the vehicle open, you count on that locksmith to assure that your family will be safe while the job is being done. Locksmiths do work in hotels that we stay in. They do work in our banks, our doctor’s office, place of employment, hospital and our church. There is not a portion of your life when you need safety, security or privacy where you don’t depend on a locksmith to provide it. So to all LOCKSMITHS…if you ever find the time to sit back and reflect on life and your place in it, remember what an awesome responsibility you have assumed by entering locksmithing.[/quote]

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