You will need:
Appropriate change key for model of lock





Sargent and Greenleaf







• Record the new combination before it is changed
• Use a secure combination, e.g. no birthdays or easily guessed combinations
• Do not force the dial, lock or change key
• The last number must not be in the forbidden zone (between 00-20)
• Carry out the procedure with the door open, bolt extended and locked





Change Index at 11 o’clock


                                                     Change Key Hole


1. Dial in the current combination to the change index, 4 times left to the first number, 3 times right to the second number, and two times left, stopping on the 3rd number
2. Open the back of the safe door, to allow access to the change key hole
3. Insert the key and turn clockwise a ¼ turn. If the key doesn’t go all the way in, redial the combination to the change index
4. Dial in the first three numbers of the new combination to the change index. Dial carefully, and do not go back to a number if you overshoot, start again
5. Remove the change key

Test the new combination 3 times with the door open

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