Tried and Tested – ABUS van lock

This version is key retaining...less likely to leave it unlocked

Gold Award for Abus Van Lock

Mick Friend does a virtual road test on the new Abus product

Having just sold his van, Editor and working locksmith, Mick Friend was obliged to take Abus’ counter display in order to put the company’s new van lock through its paces

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s you know, I like to see and test products for this page and the new award winning van lock for Abus was in my sights. But how do I test such a device, I have no van and certainly can’t fit it to my car. But the Abus team thought of a good idea – why not let me have it mounted on their new counter display? Brilliant!

The padlock is set inside a 3mm folded steel box


As the headline says it was awarded the DIY industries Gold award for 2011 – truly a great accolade.

But does it deserve it?

The box conceals the padlock

So here it is

Based around their often copied and never beaten Diskus padlock, it comes with all fixings, fitting instructions and packing material to prevent paint damage.

It allows a 6mm leeway for fitters to align and any future vehicle flexing. Its design has been based on thorough and extensive research into usage of vehicle security.

The locking plate is tough and is completely covered by the padlock

Abus have developed the Integral System which works single handed and utilises an anti-drill Diskus lock to secure a robust, steel white hasp and staple to the door.

The padlock is set inside a 3mm folded steel, powder coated box that conceals the padlock and fittings, although once the door is opened it’s a quick job to swop out the padlock if there is a lost key.

Key retention

The version I tested is key retaining, less likely to leave it unlocked and can of course be keyed alike.

One handed operation is handy (forgive the pun) so you can hold that parcel, toolbag or MPL and still secure the door.

The locking plate is also tough and is completely covered by the padlock so almost impossible to get at to cut off the padlock

Point of Sale

The counter display is a very neat marketing tool. It is van shaped and looks like the rear end of most vans. The unit can be unlocked and the door swung open and on the foot of the display is the marketing message so that customers can read and hopefully understand what it is driving those important questions such as ‘how can I get one fitted?’

But of course it can be so much more than a van lock as it is:

It does what it says on the box – and everything is included

  • Ideal for van doors, trucks, containers, garages, gates and any outward opening doors
  • Rust treated, has a robust construction and good design
  • Available master keyed and keyed alike for large vehicle fleets and premises
  • Simple to install and operate – meaning it will be used
  • £46 RRP ex-vat for the complete system of cost effective, visible deterrent and top security.

Ease of use

One of the major problems with mechanical security is to make it easy to use. Difficult to operate, retro-fitted, two handed door locks will not be used by drivers as it increases their call-time on which they are judged. So Abus’ van lock’s one handed operation makes it fast and simple to use, increasing it’s effectiveness in the field.

In conclusion, the Abus van lock is a tidy and effective piece of kit to sell – or for your own van

Under attack

I couldn’t attack the sample but the build quality is from a proven stable. It looks and feels good and the padlock at the heart of the system has defeated many a crook.

Does it measure up?

I reckon so.

For more information contact Abus UK on t. 01275 390610 or

The product has been branded ‘Integral’.

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