Last Word – And Finally…

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] don’t often write the ‘and finally’ page as I get plenty of chances elsewhere to have my say, but in this first edition I thought I may explain a few things to you all.
Up to now LASM and The Forum relied on advertising revenue to keep us running. With the tight financial position all over the world many companies are cutting back on advertising. You could argue that less may well mean less sales and that Coca Cola spend thousands even though everyone in the world knows the brand. But profit means investment, jobs and a continued brand supply chain, so I do understand.

Which leads me to the reason we are having to change to paid for subscriptions. To produce the printed version, to keep the forum active, and to have sales people selling advertising space costs a lot of money, the way we can go forward is to supplement this by a base of paid for subscribers. I hope by now we have proved that we can produce a magazine written by locksmiths for locksmiths, with added content to aid you in the decision process for upping your advertising and profile to your customers.

The magazine is not full of advertorials (articles written for free by advertisers) or page on page of irrelevant adverts. I hope we have got the mix correct. Do please let me know if you think differently.

The subscription is only £30 per year it can be paid in full or monthly via Paypal even if you don’t have an account, by cheque or bank transfer. You just need to click here for details.

Just as a reminder the team owns and runs
Locks and Security Magazine  (monthly) and the electronic version

Locks and Security News (weekly)

Professional Locksmiths Forum

Locksmiths Exhibition 3/4th March 2012

Auto Locksmiths Exhibition  27/28th October 2012

Where else do you have such a professional industry related team?


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