Welcome to our first fully electronic edition, to be repeated 3 times a year. Why?
We have found it difficult to produce an edition in holiday months, December and August and by experience following a show (April).

This is a huge departure for us, publishing in print is relatively easy if you have experts as part of your team, a great printer experienced in magazines and a full distribution system.

So when we decided that we should fill in the blank months maybe with the pageturn version, but that is also a big job first you have to layup the pages then turn them into .pdf’s. So we asked our Kate – what can we do? And I have to say after months of planning and her nagging at me for content this is the result… I really hope you like it.
Thanks Kate, well done we can’t do it without you – Gulp now the fee goes up!

Parts of the magazine can only be seen if you have registered so hopefully you have? I would really appreciate your feedback editor@lasm.co.uk I would also welcome articles especially written for the April edition.

So thanks for subscribing, thanks for your continued support, Please see elsewhere the changes we are making – and a Very Peaceful Christmas and happy New Year to you all.

Mick and all the team
Kate, Nigel, John, Norman and Brian

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  1. Nigel on 24/12/2011 at 12:14 am

    Hurrah! It’s alive!!

    Oh, and Happy Christmas to all our subscribers and visitors. 🙂

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