Cylinder re-pinning: Part 3

So you need to make a key to this cylinder?


Maybe you need to change the pin sequence and make a new key.


Picture 1 – first make yourself a pin block styrene is good push them in and number (too late to drop and get them wrong)


Picture 2 – you need a clean new blank and best to draw file the edge, that is to hold a file flat to the surface and pull back and forth to get rid of the stamp marks


Picture 3 – Like this, on the left draw filed on the right a standard keyblank


Picture 4 – next mark the blank where each pin will be. You can use AN OLD pin and tap with a hammer


Picture 5 – a sharp pop rivet shank was my favourite


Picture 6 – Spacing clearly marked


Picture 7 – The file of choice a ‘pippin’ file


Picture 8 – cut each space a little


Picture 9 – pop the key in the plug at this point


Picture 10 – then check each pin is seated in the small groove cut – adjust NOW


Picture 11 – else this can happen


Picture 12 – this is how the pins WILL sit and you can see the shearline


Picture 13 – file a little, test a little, file a little test


Picture 14 – top tip with all the pins in place rest your finger on top to stop them projecting across the room, Ask me how I know sometime.


Picture 15 – getting close


Picture 16 – the key is even, spaced correctly and looks neat


Picture 17 – fools gold – this will never work well, don’t do it looks great but a disaster waiting to jam on you.


Picture 18 – the perfect hand made key. – Pay the man.

Finally, reassemble and crimp the clip back in place. Test, lubricate & cut another key by machine to prove it works.


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