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Clips – Anti-Slip

Clips – Anti-Slip

This months Tried and Tested comes from across the big pond from Peterson Manufacturing.

There is a very good video on the site of the tool in use (see below). But I wanted to try it myself.

By Mick Friend

I suspect everyone is familiar with Euro cylinder dismantling.

And with luck on withdrawing the plug…

…the clip remains behind holding the top pins in place.

But once in a while either the clip slips, the plug pulls the clip off, it’s a crap clip and it moves, some helpful person tampers or just damn bad luck and the pins fly everywhere.

(There is of course the need to replace damaged or weak springs in which case you would naturally arrive at this point no matter how skilful you are!)

Fixed postal charges from the USA

Then it’s a horrible job rebuilding a single side of a Euro cylinder – service tools are clumsy and you need the exact model…BUT no longer with the Peterson Universal top pin loader around $78 plus postage (and note here only one fixed postal charge no matter how much stuff you buy).

Dual fit

I was supplied with the tool and two clips which fit both Euro and Oval and do hold the pins very tightly.

The spiral tools are in two sizes for 5 and 6 pin and fit all standard plugs in the UK.

Inserting the tool into the chamber, having made sure all the springs are in place, rotate it to see where the last chamber is visable in the spiral. Taking the pin with tweezers, push onto the spring, rotate in the correct direction (took me two goes) and trap the pin with the side of the slot and then either push it under the spiral with the tweezers although there is a provided tool.

Rotate to the next chamber, insert pin etc etc. Finally when all the pins are in place, rotate until the tool slot lines up with the pins and slip the clip back in as shown in Picture 8, below.

Remove the tool …

and you’re back to the start.

In the groove

I found the tool very useful although it takes a go or two to get the hang of it. Once you’re ‘in the groove’, it is very easy to use. It comes in a small crush proof box and would fit easily into your van for on-site servicing, rekeying or making up duplicate cylinders when it goes phutt! Wish I’d had one years ago. A must have shiny tool if ever I saw one.

For further information & to buy go to

The video:

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