What to expect from LASM Online

This month sees the launch of an industry first – an entirely online issue of our magazine. Before now we’ve always offered a page flip version of the print magazine online, but December will see an entirely web-based issue, delivered to you in an easy to read, newspaper website style format. This innovation heralds a new era for us – and means great things for the future of the magazine.

Firstly, we can deliver all kinds of content online that we can’t give you in a magazine – video is an obvious example, but there will be other interactive features too, which we’re very excited about. Because everyone will have to subscribe and will have a username and password, we can protect this content and only make it available to subscribers.

Secondly, you’ll be able to manage your subscription and your account details online – so if you move house, you will be able to change your details quickly and easily.

Thirdly, you’ll still get your print magazine, don’t worry. The idea of the online issues is to make sure we still give you a magazine in the three months of the year – December, April and July – that we wouldn’t usually publish a print issue anyway.

So what’s coming over the next year? Check out our Forward Features page to find out!

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