We are always looking for good quality features and articles. With the launch of our new paid subscriptions, we can now pay our contributors for their articles in both the print and online issues – this means even more great content, and you can not only get published, but also get paid!

So what is the catch? I can knock up an article right now!
Well, please don’t just start sending us articles. Prior permission needs to be obtained before starting work.

How much will you pay me?
It depends what you write. In theory we will pay on a sliding scale of about £25-£100 depending on relevance and length of article, though we may pay less for very short but relevant snippets. Regular contributors will be able to work to an agreed rate. Payment will be agreed once we have seen the final article and accepted it for publication, and where possible you will be paid by Paypal.

I have an idea for an article – how can I go about suggesting it?
Send us an email at editor@lasm.co.uk. We are always open to suggestions and we want to hear from you! Features will be agreed on page length/number of words, with suitable pictures or artwork.

How much should I write? Do I need to do all my own layout? What if my spelling sucks?
For a standard article, we reckon 750 words per page with two pictures is about right, but you can write more or less than that, depending on what you agree with us. Don’t worry about layout, spelling or grammar. We’ll correct all of that.

If you are writing a technical article it’s best to be sure you have the correct spelling of any technical terms as the spell checkers are not going to pick this up.

Photographs need to be good and clear – if your submission is for the print magazine, then the resolution should be better than 400dpi. Don’t worry if your photos need to be cropped either, because we’ll deal with this. Pictures should be labelled as follows:

picture1 – the mixing bowl
picture2 – flour and eggs added
picture3 – mix well until it forms a stiff dough.

And annotated within the text like this:

After assembling all the ingredients, place a large mixing bowl –picture1- on the table, weigh the flour, sugar, water and salt and place the flour and eggs into the bowl –picture2-. Add the salt and a little water mixing well, then add more water until a stiff dough is formed – picture3-.

In this way we can adjust the text and move the pictures to fit the page layout.

We will give you upload instructions when we agree your article with you.

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