ABUS 83 Padlock Range

ABUS make improvements to their 83 Padlock Range

by adminon 30/06/2016
As part of ABUS’ continual product improvement the 83/55, 83CS/55 and 83WP/63s have all been upgraded to a 6 pin keyway offering greater keyed alike and master keyed flexibility through significantly more differs and further anti-pick security. These mid security 83 models have consequently gained the coveted Silver Sold Secure approval, complementing the existing 83 […]
Camlock's new website

A New Website For Camlock Systems

by adminon 29/06/2016
The international locking security company Camlock Systems Ltd has launched its new website, which can be seen at The old site has undergone a complete overhaul. Major new features improve every visitor's experience, including a new product search function, a simpler way to request CAD files, a design contributing to easier navigation, and the availability of […]


SECO-LARM Introduces A New Series Of Miniature Single Photobeams

by adminon 28/06/2016
The SECO-LARM Miniature Single Photobeams, E-961-S50TB (single-frequency) and E-964-S50TB (multi-frequency), are simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install single-beam infrared motion sensor. The devices easily install almost anywhere to provide an invisible beam that, when broken, sends a signal to activate a light, beeper, or other device. This makes the devices perfect for use as part of an […]

Sargent And Greenleaf Hosts Global Distributor Meeting At Corporate Headquarters

by adminon 27/06/2016
Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), a subsidiary of STANLEY Security, hosted over 40 industry distributors from 24 countries including Sweden, New Zealand, China, Ecuador and United Kingdom during its Global Distributor Meeting in May. S&G is a world leader in developing and manufacturing high security locks and locking systems for highly sensitive government facilities, residential gun […]


Police across the USA concerned over rise in use of Bump Keys

by Mick Friendon 26/06/2016
It used to be that only locksmiths used bump keys - a modified key that can be used to open many kinds of locks -- but now anyone can buy them online, and police are worried because the keys are increasingly being used in burglaries across the country. In some cases people don't even know […]

At IFSEC 2016, Aurora Unveils Breakthrough Access Control Technology Straight Out Of Sci-Fi

by adminon 24/06/2016
Aurora's FaceSentinel in Identification Mode allows users to pass through security doors without cards, tokens or codes. A world-first in access control technology that allows registered users to open doors simply by looking at a sensor, with no need for any additional verification such as tokens, cards or PINs. The breakthrough access control system integrates […]


Show Opens New Doors For Pickersgill-Kaye’s Products

by adminon 23/06/2016
Pickersgill-Kaye reported brisk business following the Home Office's 2016 Security & Policing Exhibition in Farnborough, with the manufacturer of high security and custodial products attracting encouraging sales enquiries after displaying its range of locks and hatches. The Leeds based company, which designs and manufactures all its locks in the UK, recently posted a sales increase […]

Stellar Security That Won’t Cost The Earth

by adminon 20/06/2016
By Jeremy Cassady, Managing Director of Securikey As part and parcel of managing the health and safety of any business and its employees, it is essential to conduct regular risk assessments to identify potential risks in the workplace and to implement the appropriate physical security measures. Priorities for protection should focus on: People (staff, visitors, […]


SimonsVoss Mobilekey Launches In UK

by adminon 18/06/2016
New MobileKey from SimonsVoss enables facility managers to have full control over building access. SimonsVoss is a leading electronic lock manufacturer and brand of Allegion. MobileKey is suitable for a variety of buildings, including commercial offices and healthcare applications. MobileKey provides state-of-the-art technology and offers the end user simple, keyless locking by replacing a traditional […]

UK Manufactured Security Seal Range Expanded

by adminon 17/06/2016
Talisman Security Products, a leading UK domestic manufacturer, and supplier of tamper evident security seals is pleased to announce the release of a completely new product to add to their current extensive portfolio. The Easiloc 'Tear Off' pull tight seal has been designed with the customer in mind, and is a security seal with an […]